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A World with Only One Color

In a world where everything is red, it sure is hard to explain blue.  And so it is with liberty.  In our world today where government has assumed so many roles and responsibilities, it is sometimes very difficult to explain a world where true liberty, void of government intervention, could exist. 

Today’s political toy of the minute is the payroll tax cut.  The Democrats say that we must pass this tax cut and “pay” for it with a small increase in taxes on the wealthy.  The Republicans say that is fine as long as we get this oil pipeline passed so that we can “create jobs”.  The premise of both arguments is all red.  Red, red, red.  No concept of blue.  Perhaps they should not be arguing over these trivial matters of how much money they are going to take from people but should instead be arguing whether they should be taking our money at all.  Red and blue.  Read the rest of this entry »

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What’s Law Got to do with It?

This essay is about a great book called “The Law”.  I only scratched the surface of the ideas contained in the book and I hope I have not detracted from the brilliance of Bastiat’s writing.  Enjoy.

In present times, it seems almost impossible to keep up with what laws the Federal government is passing, what laws the State governments are passing, and what laws our local governments are passing, so it seems a natural enough question to ask, “What is law?” and “What do I expect the law to do for me?”

Frederic Bastiat, a nineteenth century French economist, philosopher, and author, wrote a book first published in June 1850 titled “The Law”, addressed these very same questions. He did his writing before, during, and after the French Revolution of 1848 which makes this all the more relevant since there are major concerns about the path the governments of the world seem to be on and how it relates to socialistic ideas.  Bastiat wrote:

What, then, is law? It is the collective organization of the individual right to lawful defense. Read the rest of this entry »

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